Ebrost® The technological drinking glass that revolutionizes the way to drink.

Ebrost® is the glass you want it to be. It’s your own customisable glass, unique and different from any other.

Thanks to the colour that you can give it, you can always be sure to recognize which glass is yours and avoid drinking from someone else’s, or that someone else drinks from yours.

Keep connected with your friends and your preferred places through the free app.

Drink social and become an “Ebrost Friend”, be a part of the community.

Starting today the way to live has changed, be a part of it.

ebrost tehe drinkink revolution

Use your Android/Ios App to:


Choose your favourite colour

You can choose among the following:

  • mono-colour,
  • intermittent,
  • dynamic between any two colours.

Choose how to start and stop the light

Start or stop your Ebrost® glass with:

  • app command,
  • movement,
  • spatial position,
  • rotation,
  • double touch,
  • timer,
  • temperature.
ebrost modes
Ebrost locals Nomi Duomo Rimini

Find the Ebrost® Points and Ebrost® Services.

  • find pubs all over the world through the app, where go there with your glass and drink for a discounted price.
  • find pubs all over the world where you can drink on the available Ebrost® glasses.
  • find the Ebrost® service all over the world, which organises and provides the bright Ebrost® glasses.

Stay updated about Ebrost® Point events!

If you like you can stay tuned about the events proposed by “Ebrost® point” and “Ebrost® service”, or from your favourite friends.

ebrost friends
ebrost friends

Create your own “Ebrost® friend” social network

You decide what personal information you want to share with individual friends. Maximum privacy is available, where you only share the nickname


Highly resistant plastic material

Capacity of 450ml

Programmable via Bluetooth BLE

Wireless battery charging with the provided charger.

3 to 8 hours of battery life with LED turned on depending on the programmed brightness intensity

Inertial accelerometer for sensing changes of movements, position and orientation

8 RGB LED with 16 million colour settings

Image / logo on the inside bottom of the glass. Can be customised for places or special events

Promotes meetings

Reflects yourself

You will be noticed

Calls the attention


Ebrost®: A design glass made in Italy!

Planning, Design, Electronics and Moulding

Ebrost® is an idea developed by an innovative start up and will be launched soon on a crowdfunding platform, where you can buy it at an early discounted price.

iFRASCA s.r.l. is a consumer-tech start-up, founded in 2016, its products are realized and produced completely in Italy, using only high-quality materials for safety and reliability, and from Italian suppliers chosen with ethical principles.

If you’d like to follow the progress of the project, actively contribute to the development of the glasses by sharing your choices, stay updated about everything that goes on in the Ebrost® world, just follow our



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